Application Integration

Trends toward globalization, 24X7 operations, e-business, supply-chain integration, and consolidation through mergers and acquisitions present enormous challenges for today's organization. Rapidly integrating applications across an enterprise is becoming more and more imperative to stay competitive in today's marketplace. We have seen considerable portion of IT budgets being spent on integrating applications: bridging heterogeneous computing environments, connecting new development and existing legacy applications, as well as linking internal and external resources.

Our Enterprise Application Integration focuses on:

  • Analysis and Strategy services to assist you in determining the effective strategy with optimum efforts and costs to achieve your business objectives, with lower development costs and project risks through greater software reuse
  • Business-to-business functionality as Web Services to provide additional benefits
  • Simplifying end-to-end process automation to provide additional value chain economies
  • Accessing the Business services and business rules as services to enable the clients to Implement new processes more quickly
  • Respond with greater speed to business or regulatory demands, keeps costs to a minimum and powers imaginative new ways to address the needs of end-users more effectively.