The complete e-learning suite


Klystron provides your organization with all the services needed to create your e-learning digital content. From the early stage of your course design to the online distribution of your course, Klystron is here to help you. Klystron analyses your objectives, reviews the curriculum with you, storyboards your content, designs your graphics and animations, then realizes the voice-over, the localization, and even the packaging and the online administration.

Types of E-learning services

Klystron's experts provide different types of E-learning services, which include the following:

  • E-learning Content Development using HTML5 and Flash
  • Conversion to HTML5 - From PPT / Flash
  • 2D & 3D Animations
  • Localization of Content - Any Language
  • Mobile Content for Android, iOS, Windows
  • Simulation and Game-Based Learning
  • Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services
  • Moodle Customization
  • Custom Learning Management System
  • Custom Online Examination and Offline Examination Management System
  • Custom Administration/Training Management Suite for Training Organizations

Conversion to HTML5

Klystron also offers conversion solutions to help course providers transform existing content from various sources such as PPT or Flash into new HTML5 format. The company also specializes in developing animations using HTML5 and JavaScript.

3D Animation Development

Lemon specializes in developing interactive 3D animations. Using UNITY, the company's skilled engineers and graphic artists design engaging interactive 3D animations to create a richer learning experience.